Cleaning width: 1524 mm
Main brush width: 965 mm
Main brush diameter: 305 mm
Side brush diameter: 458 mm
Waste collector capacity: 400 kg
Waste collector content: 255 liter
Pneumatic tyres: 136 mm x 464 mm
Max fork dimensions (W x T x L): 230 mm x 80 mm x unlimited length
Maximum fork spread measured over the forks: 510 mm
Outside sweeper dimensions (W x L x H): 1524 mm x 1749 mm x 936 mm
Weight: 473 kg
Centre of gravity unloaded: 1010 mm
Centre of gravity loaded: 1220 mm

You can also equip your SmartSweep with a bumper kit (REF 143TA3829)

bumperkit image

REF 143TA3853

bumperkit image

REF 143TA3854

bumperkit image

REF 143TA3829

This way you not only protect your SmartSweep but also your warehouse.
The bumper kit consists of 3 different bumpers:

  • 2 x REF 143TA3853
  • 1 x REF 143TA3854

You can easily and quickly attach the bumpers by means of powerful magnets.